1) Quality Backlinks

Creating good quality backlinks is considered one of the most important SEO factor in SEO for SERP. In creating backlinks quality of backlinks is given more importance than quantity.

At times, we notice that we give links of our website everywhere but we never able to get the desired result or outcome and also not able to provide the accurate information user’s that they been looking for.

With the change in Google Algorithm and Standards, the SEO strategist should focus on creating good quality backlinks. Hence, it is very important to give links of our website in the quality website.

2) USER friendly website

Designs of a website plays an important role in users’ experience. It is always recommended to keep the design and layout of website user friendly. Because users only gets attracted towards the beauty of the website and not with the backend techniques involved.

Always prepare your website keeping SEO in priority and make sure that there is no broken links and has the right Architecture.

3) Video marketing in seo

According to the recent research, It has shown that majority of people tend to prefer watching videos than reading text. Now the focus should be to enhance videos with relevant keywords and it will help in generating organic traffic towards our website.

This trend is highly expected to change or influence SEO strategy in 2021.

4) Focus on related keyword Research

Keyword research is always going to be the most important factor in SEO Strategy. One must always focus on getting Opportunity keywords as it will help in getting high organic Click-Through-Rate also called as CTR.

It is always recommended to use LSI keywords. LSI keyword’s in nothing but a suggestion at the bottom by Google to give more search related to our content.

5) quality content

Quality content is also one of the most important factor in SEO strategy. High quality content not only helps us in creating quality backlinks but also helps in gaining quality backlinks from high authority websites.

To provide great user experience, quality content is very important and it also helps in attracting more audience towards us organically.

Always write the content for your audience in the manner of talking to them, which should be very effective but simple.

6)  Voice search optimization

Voice search optimization is going to be very useful for Strategist to make their SEO strategy beneficial.

I am sure you must have a question in mind that What Is Voice Search Optimization?

Voice search optimization is basically the optimization of keywords and keyword phrases for searches using voice assistant. Voice search allows user to search the content through voice commands rather than typing.

6 things one must keep in mind while doing voice search optimization

  1. Focus on using more of long tail keywords.
  2. Ensure to transform any queries into questions.
  3. More use of conversational language.
  4. Optimizing future snippets
  5. Content optimization.
  6. Design for mobile.

7) Mobile First strategy

As per the recent update of Google, by September 2020 Google will use the mobile version of content for ranking and indexing, as most of the users are now using Google search with the help of Mobile phone.

what is mobile first indexing?

Mobile-First indexing means that the mobile version of our website is which Google will consider as the starting point in their indexing and ranking strategies.

what to do in mobile-first indexing?

First of all, you need to worry or panic about it as this change is in the initial stage of testing and will only be rolled out to websites which Google thinks or consider is ready enough to adapt this change.

According to Google’s guidance on Mobile-First Indexing, if the website is responsive or identical in their mobile and desktop version, then we may not have to do anything different.

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