Instagram Hashtag Strategies 2020

Instagram Hashtag Strategies 2020

What are hashtags

hashtags are categorised content which make the post more discoverable. they are equally important as keyword and content in google. If we are talking about a particular topic, all content related to that topic will come under a common hashtag. Eg- #covid19 , all information, facts, figures related to this should use this hashtag.

Why hashtags- make it or break it.

Be wise to choose your Insta hashtags because they act as a game changer. They are vital in increasing your audience size. When you use a particular Instagram hashtag , say for example #fitness-freaks is a frequently used hashtag by you then your post would be visible on the page for that Instagram hashtag. People who are not in your friend list but are following #fitness-freaks can see your post in their feed.

How many hashtags should be used:

10 hashtags in story
30 hashtags in news feed
But be diverse and visionary in choosing hashtags.

How to find relevant hashtags

Direct method- go to tags on Instagram and choose among the options related to your niche.

Instagram Tools list for Hashtag research –

  • All hashtags⁣
  • Rite-tag⁣
  • Ingramer⁣
  • Sistrix⁣
  • Flick⁣
  • Keyhole⁣
  • Hashtagify⁣
  • Display purpose⁣

Strategy to select Instagram hashtags-

Ladder strategy of hashtags⁣
This is the most famous strategy of hashtags and I am sure you also tested this.⁣ Using this strategy keep one thing in mind that make ladder according to your profile.⁣
15 – small hashtags(<100k)⁣
10 – medium hashtags (100k to 500k)⁣
5 – big Hashtags (use upto million)⁣

Define your small, medium and big according to your profile.⁣

Hashtags posts range⁣⁣
Every time you use hashtags try to use hashtags posts range according to your profile.⁣⁣

  • If you just started try to use hashtags less than 100k.⁣⁣
  • If you have 5000+ followers than you can use upto million.⁣⁣
  • Start using branded hashtags from the beginning of your profile. Use 1 or 2 branded hashtags with your set.⁣⁣

Placement of Instagram hashtag

  • In the caption- if you are doing scheduled posts or if you want to post an engaging question in comments section
  • In the comments- if you intensely concerned about aesthetics of post and you have plenty of time as it might take little more time

Instagram Analytics tool

Direct method – go to insights on Instagram

Other Instagram Analytics tools –

1) Iconosquare

2) Phlanx

3) TapInfluencer

4) Curalate

5) Union Metrics

Types of Instagram hashtags

  • Industry hashtags
  • niche hashtags
  • brand hashtags
  • community hashtags
  • location hashtags
  • event hashtags
  • celebration hashtags
  • high density hashtags

How to use hashtags in your stories

Instagram stories are very important place to add hashtag as it still not explore very well by the audience because it seems like it look messy when we use hashtag in stories but we do have a solution.

  • Write your hashtag on story
  • Merge it with the colour of your post
  • You can use multiple hashtags without making it visible
  • Share your story consisting of multiple hashtags

Instagram Hashtag Summary

  • focused research of hashtags
  • Research of targeted audience
  • Research of leaders in your industry
  • Use hashtags to build communities
  • Add hashtags to your Instagram profile bio
  • Avoid banned hashtags
  • Monitor hashtag performance regularly
  • Which strategy and tools you would be using for your growth and which works better for you . Please share your reviews

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