5 Tips to Write a Blog Post that Ranks Page # 1

5 Tips to Write a Blog Post that Ranks Page # 1

How to write quality content for your blog post and website is a very common question been asked by every digital person who wants to rank on top of the google result. So we have divided the content in no. for points.

Outcome of a how to write a quality blog post step by step !! You will receive

  1. 1000 social share
  2. 100 comments
  3. Top rank on google
  4. Quality impressions
  5. Unique visitors
  6. Quality leads
  7. Increase traffic

Step 1 – Topic research

A niche is to be selected for writing a content. First and foremost step is google research as google is the platform where content has to perform.

For example – our topic is “seo techniques” , go for search in google and read the top results . Further you have to do the below mentioned steps

  • competitor research – how other bloggers have presented the blogs on similar topic you have read the top blog and grab the idea what topics they have cover because of that google has given first page results.
  • Quora research – it will help you in finding the queries of users and it can further improve your writing content. Just write your topic in search bar and you will get all why’s and how’s related to your topic.

Step 2 : Generate Headline

Headlines are really vital for generating 90 percent of your traffic. As marketing rules says Attention is the king, So you have write a headline that grabs people attention quickly. Few point we have mentioned that help you to kick start the content headline.

  • Listicle – It means incorporating the specific numbers to your headline . As it attracts human attention to numbers easily . Numbers add obviousness to your headline.
    For Example – 21 Ways to Write SEO Friendly Headline that Double your Organic Traffic.
  • How to- state the easiest way to do a particular job or work. This way your content would be problem solving method for reader.
    For Example – How to Develop Website in 10 Minute.
  • Tools– Automatic headline generator tools are also available on internet. One of the Free tool that you can use is FAT JOE headline generator.

Step 3 : introduction

introduction should “call for attention “. User should pause, pay attention and should be excited to read further your article

As attention span of an average man is 8.25 secs, so your introduction should provide a reason to user to read your article till the end.

You need to give reason to your readers what they will attain after reading this blogs, show some stats like

Your can you use lots of proof like

  • analytical data
  • credentials
  • client reports
  • result will hook users with you throughout

Step 4 : Content Body

  • Word Count – Higher the content word count power , higher will be the ranking. So try to add at-least 2k to 4k word count in your blog content, Search engines always appreciate higher word count work in seo ranking.
  • Visual Works – Use different images , info graphics, statistical data, previous reports of user that will increase credibility of your content and enhance perception of success.
  • Headings and subheadings – after grabbing the attention we have to provide the extra nudge to the readers and draw them deeper but it should be presented in pointers .
    As a reader we have less retention rate if you do not divide your work in heading or sub-heading reader will loose the interest that is why its important to give structure to your content.
  • Font size – font size should be between 16 px and 20 px. This is standard size for easy to read.
  • Change in paragraphs – it increase the retention rate and avoid cluster content . Breaking the content in small paragraph will make reading easier
  • Personalised content– your content should be a problem solver for readers , as if you are sailing in the same boat as that are. Empathy is the key.

Step 5 : Conclusion

conclusion is summary of your whole content. This will definitely help reader in retaining all the main points and make things easier for them . Conclusion also let google algorithm ensure that user has gone till the conclusion

Call to action– call to action button directs people to take an action and encourages them to give their feedback .

What you are waiting for, please apply all these tips and nobody can stop you to rank you in top most SERP. We would love to hear All suggestions and Feedback .

Written by – Ms Mehak

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