How to make money on Pinterest

How to make money on Pinterest

Today we are going to discuss about power of pinterest.

How you can generate a very good amount of money with the help of 5 step process while using Pinterest Free Traffic?

Basically, Pinterest is an social book marketing website and it is totally based on visual based content.

Some Interesting Facts About Pinterest :-

  • They have 320 million active monthly users.
  • And most important thing is that they have an audience that convert really fast.
  • If you are also targeting US, UK, Australia or other European countries, then Pinterest is really a good source.

STEP 1: Affiliate Marketing Offers

Let’s understand this point with the help of an example of ClickBank. Basically ClickBank is an affiliate network. When we earn commission through selling any product or service online, is known as affiliate marketing. So we get products or services with the help of ClickBank network. Create your ClickBank account and earn money upto $50/DAY.

STEP 2 : Bridge Pages

Bridge pages are between particular product and customer. Firstly, Customer comes to bridge page, read all the details, after that he buy product. It is very necessary to have a bridge page for any product. So there are many source to make bridge pages. Bridge page can be made in 3 ways.

STEP 3: Design With Canva

Canva is an free site where you can make pinterest banners. There are so many designs in canva which you can use for zero cost.

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