How To Write a Business Proposal

How To Write a Business Proposal

If you are a free lancer, or have a new start-up, or running any agency, so its very important to understand that how to write a quality business proposal that convert really fast.

Four things are main in any business proposal:

  • Purpose
  • Problem
  • Solution
  • Conclusion

So let’s understand these four in detail.

  • PURPOSE – You have to create a realistic and constructive plan for your client and business so that it grow efficiently and economically. Whenever you are with your client, it is necessary to communicate with them so that you will come to know that what they need or what type of problem they are facing in their business. You can also share a Google Form where they can describe their issues.
  • PROBLEM – Whatever the problem is. Whether it is lead or sale. If we talk about lead, quality may be an issue or quantity may be an issue. If problem is in quality then the solution also goes towards quality and same with quantity. And if we talk about sales, so may be sale is very less or ticket size is small.

  • SOLUTION – Whatever company you are running or dealing with your clients company, you have to find solution according to the problem.
  • CONCLUSION – Conclusion is nothing but process of billing that how to do payment.

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