Make $3.00 Per Email Click Instant Payout (Step by Step Tutorial)

Make $3.00 Per Email Click Instant Payout (Step by Step Tutorial)

So now, there is no need to wait and no need of any type of investment. Here, we are going to discuss about an application from which we will make money in dollars without doing any investment. But there is one problem. Guess what? Only because of one common problem, people think that it is not working and they give up. So here we are also going to discuss the solution of that common problem.

The website we are discussing here named as “Clicks Genie”. So we are going to make money from .

Let’s discuss the whole process in steps:

Firstly, you have to go to and register yourself there. For getting register you just need a Email ID, Yahoo .

Once you create a user account, you will receive a activation link in you gmail account. Click on the activation link, then only your account is going to activate. But still process is not complete.

Most of the people face problems after activating their account, Problems like they were unable to find their account, account is not working, etc. This is the common and major problem people face generally.

This happen only because you haven’t noticed the second gmail which is come from Clicks Genie. Once you click on a activation link, within few minutes you will get another mail in which some steps are explained which you have to follow.

But the problem is, they said after activation click on the 3 dots for adding Clicks Genie to your contacts. But when you click on 3 dots, that option doesn’t appear on your screen. So, how to add Clicks Genie to contacts?

Here we have the solution for this common problem. You just need to click on Google Apps and you will find a option called Contacts. Click on Contacts and create new contact. And then a box appear on your screen in which you have to fill Name, Email., there is no need to fill other options.

So questions comes out is from where you will get the Email Id of Clicks Genie. This is not a big issue. You just need to open the activation mail which you got from Clicks Genie and there you will see their official Email ID name. In first name, you have to write “Clicks” and in second name, you have to write “Genie”. And then click save.

After adding Clicks Genie to your contacts, you will start getting gmail from Clicks Genie.

Just click on mails and earn money in dollars without doing any investment. This process is very easy and gives very good results.

Some people also ask that this website is real or fake. So, nothing is fake in this website. And you will also get some proofs in this websites. Must try this website and make money online.

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