How Generate Fresh and Unique Content For Free

How Generate Fresh and Unique Content For Free

Today’s blog is all about creating fresh and unique content for free without plagiarism. You can use these tips in your website, article, or any blog. And if we talk about its benefit, if you use these tips, you will get quick approval of Google AdSense. But you have to follow all the steps of this method very carefully because if you will do a single mistake then the problem is may be copyright issue or plagiarism occurs.

First of all, you have to install Tube Buddy. Tube Buddy is a plugin which can be easily installed in chrome extension. This extension is very useful. This extension will tell you all the details of the YouTube video we are going to use for content.

For example, if we search on YouTube – “Easy way to get healthy”

After searching this, you will get many more results from which you have to select one single video for your content. While selecting video, must ensure that video contains conversation more than music. Because the extension we are using basically extracts their conversation.

After selecting one video, click on that video and you will see a hashtag named as “Caption Added” below the video. Now you have to check is there any tick mark with the hashtag. Because if hashtag do not have tick mark then you can’t use that video for your content. But if you see tick mark with the hashtag, it means you can use that video for your content without any copyright or plagiarism.

Copy the URL of the video you have selected and go to the next tool that is Now paste the URL here and click on download. Now you have all the content of that YouTube video in written form. But this video do not contain proper line break, so we have to correct it.

For correcting this line break issue, you have to go to another tool You just have to copy all the content and paste it on the tool and here you have to choose the option “Remove line breaks and paragraph breaks”. After this click on “Remove Line Breaks” and when you scroll down, you will see you content with proper line breaks. Copy the whole content and paste it on Word Document.

Now, you have your fresh and unique content for your blogs and articles. You can use this content without any plagiarism. At the end, just give a proof reading of that content to check out full stops and commas are on correct places or not.

If you want to check that your content is free from plagiarism or not. Go to the and here you well get plagiarism checker tool. Copy the content from word document and paste it on plagiarism checker tool. And you will get your result.

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