Affiliate Marketing For Beginners On ClickBank – Step by Step Tutorials

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners On ClickBank – Step by Step Tutorials

In this blog, we will talk about how you can begin your journey as an affiliate marketer. In this, you will learn step by step how to become an affiliate marketer that too free of cost and can make $100 and more with this. Make sure to read the full blog and follow the steps.

Step 1: Go to (it is an affiliate marketing network and is present almost all over the world), and make an account on Clickbank.

Step 2: After that under the dashboard, you will find a marketplace and click on it. Marketplace in simple terms means a place where all the offers are present of $20, $30, or more and on them, you can get a commission of more than 20%. You can select any category you want to promote. I will recommend selecting an offer with a gravity score of at least 18 and a good conversion rate. According to me select an offer that provides free training or something similar rather than directly selling a good or service. As bridge-like free training or free ebook engages more people and after that, they can get converted.

Step 3: So all you need to do is click on promote, it will help you in generating a hoplink. Hoplink is a kinda tracking id that helps you earn a commission when someone buys from your link. As your hoplink is generated now your aim is to generate traffic to that link. People get annoyed to go to such links, so you can create a bridge page (to show people about an offer that they shouldn’t miss), as referred to in the video above, and after that, you can put your hoplink.

Step 4: So to make that kinda page, I am going to tell you the best tool for it, and its name is Sniply ( tool. This tool helps in generating a popup on websites with a high Alexa rating, or on websites with millions of traffic.

Step 5: Make an account on this site and select a website of your choice with quality content and a better Alexa ranking. Now copy the URL of your selected website and go to the dashboard of and paste that URL and create snip. Copy that snip URL to promote.

How to Promote?

You have to work on three things that are:

◾ Quora
◾ Facebook group
◾ Pinterest.

Quora- Search for a topic related to your blog and answer all the questions that are related to your topic and don’t forget to leave your Snip URL.

Facebook group- Search for groups with your topics and join the groups with as many members as possible and share your blog (snip URL) in that group. Remember don’t directly share the affiliate URL as Facebook will ban you.

Pinterest- Search for a topic related to your blog and leave a comment on posts with your blog URL.

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