5 Best WordPress Plugins To Get You 10k Visitor Daily

5 Best WordPress Plugins To Get You 10k Visitor Daily

In this blog, we will talk about the 5 best WordPress plugins through which you can generate more than 10k daily visitors. If you are a blogger and want to earn money through ad sense or with affiliate marketing, then these plugins will be perfect for your website.

5 best WordPress plugins are-

First, we are gonna talk about

1. Yoast SEO

It is an all-in-one plugin where you can add robot.txt, .htaccess editing, and sitemap.xml, which means almost each and everything which is required for an on-page SEO is included in this single plugin. You will find most of the top bloggers using this plugin. It is the best free SEO plugin that you can use but it has a premium version as well. Do not worry because its free version lets you add meta title, meta description, keywords, and much more.

yoast seo

The second plugin that should be on your list is

2. Lazyload

Lazyload is a file compression plugin. With its help, you can easily compress any kind of file like images which will further help you in decreasing your website loading time (the lesser is the loading time, the better it is for you). It assists you with compressing the images and as well as with loading only those images on a specific page, the page you are seeing. For example, you are on the home page, then this plugin will load images of the home page only rather than loading images of the whole website. In case you are not using this, then the whole website images will load at the same time which will result in increasing the page load speed.


The next plugin is

3. WP Super Cache

In simple words this plugin stores primary memory in form of cache when someone visits your website for the first time. This plugin generates static HTML files for your blogs. So whenever someone revisits your website, it will serve that HTML file instead of processing heavier PHP scripts. It helps in loading cache files faster, basically improving the overall experience of the user.

wp super cache

4. WpVivid Backup Plugin

Backup is the most important thing you should do whenever you develop a website because there are a lot of security issues that many people face like hacking or some other problem. Even if your website has no problem, you should make a backup for it. It is a very easy plugin with which you can easily take backup in dropbox or drive or on a computer every week or month. It has both versions free as well as premium.

wpvivid backup plugin

The next and important plugin is

5. WordPress Simple Firewall

It is one of the best and highest-rated security plugins for WordPress. It increases the security of login, user management, comments, pages basically increases the security of the whole website. It is one of the best plugins you should have to increase security. It is also available in both versions free and premium.

wp simple firewall

6. Contact Form 7

It is also an essential plugin, as collecting information is a preeminent task. It is a plugin where you can easily collect information like name, email, phone no. etc of the user to your Gmail account. It is a very simple and easy plugin.

contact form 7

7. CommentLuv

If you get many comments on your blogs, then with its help through automation you can quickly reply to them. Stay tuned as they are launching new features.


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