Best 10 Useful Chrome Extension

Best 10 Useful Chrome Extension

In this blog, we will look at the best 10 useful chrome extensions. If you are a digital marketer or not, these 10 chrome extensions will be useful to you either way.

So the best Chrome Extensions are

Let’s get started with number one

1. VidIQ

It is a youtube analytics tool, if you are a Youtuber, a content creator, or are planning to start earning with youtube then this is the extension for you, VidIQ helps you monitor your youtube account, the growth of your account, it also helps you with your niche, you can track you competitors growth, and many more. This extension gives you an overview of any youtube account you can search for their SEO growth and all. So I would really suggest you guys install this extension if you are a Youtuber.

vidiq logo

On the second we have,

2. Loom

It is a screen recording tool, it can record video messages of your screen, your camera, and can record both simultaneously. You can do all these things with loom and they are very easy to share with other people as well, you can record your videos for youtube as well. And the best thing is that Loom has its own cloud servers where they store videos, those videos don’t use your disk space, all the videos are stored on the cloud, ready to be shared, and are only one click away.

loom logo

On the third we have,


It is an advanced eyedropper, color picker, color analyzer tool, ColorZilla can pick any color from a website exactly, and then you can use that color on your designs or on your websites. It is very useful for graphic designers when they have to find out the HTML color code for the color and use it in the designs.

colorzilla logo

On the fourth we have,

Website SEO Checker: Free audit & analysis

If you are a blogger then you can check your SEO report, your competitor SEO report for free of cost. You can use SEO analysis to do audits for the most valuable sites. It is one of the best extensions out there which is free of cost and gives the best report about your page.

website seo checker logo

Fifth is,

Nimbus Screenshot & Screen recorder

This plugin can screen record and can screenshot to create a PDF out of it, you can select which area you need in the screenshot or can record a specific area of the screen.

nimbus logo

next, we have,


It keeps all your passwords in one place and when you open a website it logs into your account automatically. We all know how hard it is to create strong passwords and to remember them, LastPass does this job for us, it creates strong passwords for all your sites and accounts, which it stores in a locally encrypted vault, and automatically fills all the login forms and login required. A must-check extension for you all.

lastpass logo

On seventh we have,


This extension shows you the different timezones at the bottom of your browser, which saves your time from looking for the same thing on google every time. It is a fully customizable extension, it’s good for people who have their colleagues abroad and don’t want to miss any meeting with them. You just have to pick a timezone or select a city and it’ll add it to the chrome status bar.

foxclocks logo

Next, we have,

The Great Suspender

As we all know that chrome uses so much memory, and with all the multiple tabs open it can make even a high-performance PC standstill. So, what The Great Suspender does is it suspends the tabs which are not currently used by you, but it doesn’t suspend important pages where you can lose your data, it is quite smart. I would definitely recommend this extension if u regularly get this problem where your PC freeze randomly.

The Great Suspender logo

Ninth is,


It sends and receives messages and can even get call notifications on your browser. If you are always getting distracted by your mobile phone and can’t concentrate on your work then install pushbullet. You can use, WhatsApp, Kik, Facebook messenger, and even SMS messages. All the notification will be shown on your desktop

pushbullet logo

And at last, we have,

Adblock Plus

It blocks ads and all the tracking cookies to increase your PC’s speed and privacy. It is one of the best-known Ad-blockers for chrome, it saves you time with all the blocks, saves you from harmful sites, and gives you better privacy by deleting all the tracking cookies. This is a must to have extension.

Adblock Plus logo

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