How to Set up Google Analytics in 5 Mins [2021]

How to Set up Google Analytics in 5 Mins [2021]

So in today’s blog, we will talk about how to create a new google analytics account. As a new update has been rolled up so now it is difficult to find where you can find code and other stuff. So we will be telling you a very simple process of how you can set up your google analytics account.

So follow the procedure to set up your google analytics account.

Step 1

Go to You will land up on the page as shown below and there click on “Set up for free”.

google analytics

Step 2

Now you will find the same page as shown below. Write your website’s name in the ‘Account Name’ section. All the data sharing options must be ticked (recommended) and click on ‘Next’.

google analytics

Step 3

Now fill up all the details as shown below. Write Property name then select your country and time zone and after that select your currency. Click on ‘Next’.

google analytics

Step 4

Now a new option will be shown up as in the picture below. Fill in all the business information and then click on ‘Create’.

Step 5

After that Google Analytics Terms of Service Agreement will pop up as shown below, select your country/region, tick both the terms and then click on “I accept”.

google analytics
google analytics

Step 6

Now it takes you to the next option, where you will find code, through which you can do all of these things very easily. As of now, we are creating a web application not IOS/Android application. Write your website URL and name. Then click “Create stream”. Now a frontend will be displayed where you will find measurement ID (Google Analytics ID). But as of now, we will ignore that and go to tags.

google analytics

After clicking ‘Create Stream’ new page as shown below will pop up.

google analytics

Step 7

Now copy the Google Site Tag and go to your WordPress dashboard. Add a new plugin called “Insert headers and footers” and activate it. Now go to settings and click on insert header and footer. Paste that code in the header section but remember it should be printed only in the header and click ‘Save’.

wordpress interest header and footers
insert header and footer

Now everything is done. If you followed all the steps properly then they will be linked and everything will be perfect. This is how you can easily create a new google analytics account.

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