Ways to resolve duplicate content

Ways to resolve duplicate content

Having duplicate content can be a concern for your site, here we discuss some ways to solve the duplicate content problem and we will discuss how you can find duplicate content on your site.

Duplicate content

So, first of all, what is duplicate content?

Duplicate content is content that appears more than once on the internet. Even content that is similar is considered duplicate content, it doesn’t have to be identical to be duplicate.

Search engines and crawlers can’t render the page they access the page through the code, and if a site has a similar code then they consider it a duplicate.

The threshold for duplicate content is 90%. This means if a site has a 90% similar code then it’ll be flagged as duplicate.

Here are some solutions, by which you can resolve duplicate content

301 redirects

In this method, you can redirect older versions of the page to the new and updated versions. This method solves issues related to subdomain or protocol changes and as well as content updates where you don’t want people to access the older content.

This method is like streaming a digital version of a movie online that you had copied from the original.


The next option that you have is to implement rel=canonicals on your page. For example, you go to a sale where you see two donuts, chocolate, and a blueberry donut. You think your chocolate donut is the best. So when people ask you about those cookies you tell them to buy chocolate ones.

The same is with the sites, people can tell which site is much better out of the two duplicate sites, and that canonical tag helps the crawlers in deciding which site to rank.

Meta no index

The next option you have is to mark your page as meta no index.

What meta no index does is it tells crawlers that they can still crawl the duplicate page, but they shouldn’t include it in their index. This helps with the issue known as pagination.

Add content

Another way is to add more content to your page. If you have 2 pages that are not duplicate of each other, so you should add more content to make it easy for the crawler to understand.

Add more content to both pages can be less confusing to the crawler.

There are many tools that can help you identify duplicates of one another.

Some of them are as follows –

– Duplichecker
– Siteliner
– Plagspotter
– Copyscape

You can use any of these tools to find duplicate content on your pages and then use these ways to avoid duplicate content.

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