10 Youtube SEO Practice That Ranks You on the Top

10 Youtube SEO Practice That Ranks You on the Top

Getting your video to rank on YouTube takes something other than an incredibly made video. Here are 10 things that will help to kick you off on YouTube SEO.

The Best Youtube SEO Practice That Ranks You on the Top

These 10 things are very straightforward, and will just take you a couple of minutes.

1. Find the Right Keywords

Paid keyword research tools can give you incredible bits of knowledge of the best keywords to improve your video optimization score.

An incredible keyword research tool that is especially for YouTube is vidIQ.

You will see a wide range of statistics with this tool – including related terms, trending videos, and much more.

This is the best SEO tool for YouTubers.

But if you don’t want to spend then simply head over to YouTube and start typing an industry-specific keyword into the search field at the top of the page.

As soon as you type a keyword, a list of keyword suggestions will appear. What’s incredible about this list is that it’s made out of terms people on YouTube really use.

Using this, type in variation of keywords and note down all the suggestions and you will come up with a huge list.

Find the Right Keywords

2. Find Your Competitors’ Most Popular Videos

Find out your competitor’s most popular video to see what kind of video is loved by the audience.

You can find out, by going to your competitor’s channel, and after that click on ‘Sort’ which will be on the right corner just above the videos, and then select ‘Most Popular’.

You can guess the keyword from the title and description and plan accordingly.

competitor's most popular video
Sort Videos By Most Popular

3. Check Out Your Keywords For Low Competition

In case that your YouTube channel is new, you would prefer not to go against YouTubers who as of now have a hundred thousand subscribers or more.

To stay away from this, ensure your keywords aren’t difficult to rank for.

One way to try and do this can be to use a tool like KWFinder.

If you have not bought a paid keyword research tool, you can go to Google and guess which keyword has high or low ranking difficulty scores.

 keywords with high competition
Keyword With High Competition(Don’t Use)
 keywords with low competition
Keyword With Comparatively Low Competition(You Can Use)

4. Optimize Videos for Google Search

The key is to advance to Google using keywords that as of now have YouTube video results.

This is because Google decides to rank the video in its search results for specific keywords only (not all).

Along these lines, if your video is a tutorial, or a review, or anything similar, then you should feel free to optimize it for Google search.

optimize your video for google search

5. Optimize Your YouTube Video Such as You Would Optimize a Blog

Like in a blog, simply add your keyword in the title, description, and video tags.

On Video Title: Place the keyword as close to the beginning as possible.

On Video Description: The video description is like H2, so mention the keywords as close to the beginning as possible.

On Video Tags: Add your tags, focusing on your keyword.

Keyword In Title And Description
Keyword In Title And Description

6. Magnetize Watchers with Your Videos

It is very important to keep your watchers entertained, as then only they will watch your video to the very end.

At the point when this occurs, it sends a sign to YouTube revealing to it your video is doing good. Accordingly, your chances of appearing in Search increases.

Magnetize Watchers with Your Videos

7. Encourage Your Views to Comment on Your Video

Comments are important.

When people leave comments on your video, they’re not just making you happy, they’re also telling YouTube your content is amazing.

So, encourage them to comment.

Encourage Your Views to Comment on Your Video

8. Don’t forget to Say Your Target Keyword in Your Video

YouTube makes a programmed script of your video.

This means that when you say your keyword in your video, they’ll notice.

Say Your Target Keyword in Your Video

9. Promote Your Videos Everywhere

Improving a YouTube video is very much like optimizing a blog post.

The more views on your video, the higher your odds of ranking!

Thus, don’t forget to promote your video.

Promote Your Videos Everywhere

10. Optimize Your Channel’s Page

Optimize your Youtube channel as well, and it will help you in increasing its chances of coming up on YouTube’s search results.

As soon as your channel appears more, automatically you’ll get more subscribers, and views with better YouTube Video rankings.

Optimize Your Channel’s Page

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