Get more exposure on LinkedIn with LinkedIn video strategy

Get more exposure on LinkedIn with LinkedIn video strategy

If you are wondering what kind of video content you should produce and be an expert using LinkedIn videos.

Here you’ll be learning to build your expertise using three types of videos on LinkedIn.

Why Consider LinkedIn Video?

LinkedIn video offers better organic reach than youtube, Facebook, or Instagram. But still, when someone talks about videos we immediately think of YouTube and Facebook.

Most of the people on LinkedIn aren’t doing content-period. Out of all the LinkedIn users, only 2% of users are posting content weekly. And for the small percentage who are, their content tends to be graphics, text, posts, but not videos.

So, by sharing videos on LinkedIn you can put pieces of your business and yourself out there to find out.

Here are the main types of video content for LinkedIn videos.

1. Create pillar content with LinkedIn live

Pillar content helps people understand who you really are, what you’re about, and are your values.

Pillar content is a small part of a longer video, which you can cut off, repurpose it and make a micro-content. These types of videos will help people understand your services and let them see what kind of transformations you can make in their life.

If are having a hard time selecting your pillar content, then just think of it as what you or your company wants to be known for. What are those 4-5 things that engage each person, those are your pillars.

linkedin live

On LinkedIn the only way to get pillar content for a video is live, not everyone has access to LinkedIn live. But if you do, then building your own show format can be very effective.

Knowing your pillar content can help you create some micro-content and macro-content for your business, which can be around the pillar content.

2. Produce high-quality videos for the LinkedIn feed

Typically macro-content is 2-3 minutes long, and your LinkedIn should have about 20% of macro-content in it. Macro-content consists of more highly produced videos like training, deep dives on products, testimonials, and brand stories.

high quality linkedin video

They are longer piece which you want people to see when they search for you or your brand. A good micro-content can be used for years. So focus on the quality of these macro-content videos.

Some companies will do cinematic testimonials, mini-movies that shows the impact of the product on the user, which can be 3-4 minute long.

In addition to macro-content, you can put your Youtube channel, your website.

3. Share short videos on the LinkedIn feed

Micro-content is used to get people’s attention, stay top of mind, which makes people follow you. At least 60% of your video content should be micro-content. Micro-content is short videos that usually come from pillar content.

linkedin short video

Micro-content can start anywhere from 5-10 sec and up to 3 minutes. Micro-content can be anything you want it to be, which makes people follow you.

The goal of micro-content is to offer actionable information such as tips, techniques, or a piece of wisdom that could be a quick win. Doing all these can make a good micro-content, and make it more memorable for the people.

4. Optimize your video for the LinkedIn feed

One of the easiest ways to make micro-content is to just open up your camera and record. But if you have a little time and want to put some effort into it, here are some tips to optimize your video for LinkedIn.

optimize linkedin video

Create square Video: The best option there is to make square videos, as when you post a 9:16 video from your smartphone and when you upload it LinkedIn tries to make it into a square and blurs the sides of the video and people won’t be able to see the whole content, so it’s best to create square videos

Write more than three lines of text: When your video appears in the LinkedIn feed, three lines of text appear at the top of the video, and if you have written more than three lines of text then it shows show more links beneath that.
Because the more time you can get somebody to spend on your post, the better.

Add captions: Most people use LinkedIn on their phone, and most of the time they are muted. So it’s better to add captions to your videos, which will engage people more on your video, even on silent mode.

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