How to do Affiliate Marketing and Promote Product

How to do Affiliate Marketing and Promote Product

In today’s blog, we will talk about how you can do Affiliate Marketing and how to promote your affiliate marketing products for free without spending a single penny. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or not.

Today’s method will be very important if you want to learn about affiliate marketing. So, please read this till the very end.

Let’s get started.

How to Start Affiliate marketing

Step 1: Create Account

First of all, what you will need is a Clickbank account. If you don’t have an account on Clickbank, don’t worry. Click here if you want to learn How to Create a Clickbank account.

Step 2: Browse Offers

If you have created the account, you are ready to go. Now what you have to do is go on offers as shown in the image below.

select offer on clickbank

Step 3: Select an Offer

Select an offer that you think is a good one with a good gravity score and commission. For example, below I selected the Soulmate Sketch offer.

Now what I will do is, I will search for the same term on Google. If you check you will see many Youtube videos for the same.

google search for soulmate sketch

Now when you have selected an offer. I will tell you how to promote it.

How to Promote Affiliate Offers

Technique 1: Create a YouTube Video

So, the First free way to promote such a thing is to create a Youtube Video. On your channel, you can upload product review videos and stuff. I will recommend that youtube is one of the best sources where you can upload explainer videos and reach to mass without spending your money.

promote affiliate on youtube

Technique 2: On Quora

The second thing you can do is to go to Quora. Remember quora doesn’t allow the use of affiliate links. So you have to smartly and indirectly promote your offer there. I will tell you what exactly you have to do on quora. Search the topic on quora which you are promoting.

Answer the latest questions and ask them to check out your video for the same. You can even provide a free ebook so that more people will be attracted to it. And as soon as they will go to your video they can check out your affiliate link and download the free ebook. To create an ebook you can check it out here.

promote on quora

Technique 3: On Blog Post

You can also create a blog post for the same instead of the youtube video. And you can redirect people to your blog where they can find that affiliate link. It will benefit you in two ways. First, it will send traffic to your blog and secondly, some people can consider your affiliate link and can buy through it.

Technique 4: On Facebook Groups

It is the same as technique 2 but here instead of quora you have to use Facebook groups. Same as quora don’t promote your affiliate links here. Redirect them to your video/blog and rest you know what to do.

promote on facebook groups

You Don’t have to Promote affiliate links on Quora and Facebook because it may ban your account.

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