How to Promote CPA Marketing Offers for Free?

How to Promote CPA Marketing Offers for Free?

In today’s article, we are going to talk about How to Promote CPA marketing offers. Promoting these offers is very important because if you don’t promote you won’t be able to make money. Here I am going to tell you how you can promote these offers that too at free of cost. Quality promotion is what you will learn about with the right strategy.

First I will tell you how CPA marketing works. You can refer to the image below to understand it properly.

how CPA marketing works

It is a simple process in which a user visits your profile, then clicks on your affiliate link and after that fills out the offer or completes the action. And finally, as soon as he completes the action, you make money with it. If you want to learn about CPA marketing in detail, How to choose the best offers and how to select the best network, you can Click Here for the same.

So first we will go to Offervault to select the best offer and the best network. Or you can go to Affpaying where you will find all the best new networks. Now we have selected the offer as shown below for example Norton Secure VPN. Now, what you have to do is:

cpa marketing offers

How to Promote CPA Marketing Offers for Free?

Technique 1: Classified Ads and Craigslist

The first thing we have to do is to go to classified ads. There you have to select your category and click on Post an Ad (free) as shown below.

classified ads

You have to select a category based on your offer and fill in all the information in the ad. Hyperlink your affiliate link to some words and post the ad. The best thing about classified ads is that it starts appearing in 3-4 hours after you have posted it.

Same as classified ads you have another amazing website called craigslist. The process here is the same as classified ads.


The best part about these websites is that they generate huge traffic.

Technique 2: Blog Creation

You have to go to Medium to create one. You can create a blog post for free on medium as shown below.


The best part about Medium is that it has great domain authority and page authority. You will have to create an amazing blog post to make it rank on google. Slowly google will start giving you ranking.

Technique 3: Quora

It is also one of the best techniques. What you have to do is go to quora and search for questions related to your product as shown below.


Answer all the related questions and make sure to give a link to your blog which you created on medium. Remember not to give affiliate links because quora may ban your account.

But in your blog, you will have an affiliate link, and boom your work is done. You will start generating traffic free of cost with the help of Quora which will ultimately improve your blog ranking.

Technique 4: Facebook Groups

Same as quora join different Facebook groups related to your product as shown below. Share your information in that group and give a link to your blog.

facebook groups

Remember here also like quora you are not allowed to share an affiliate link. So give a link to your blog and your job is done.

Technique 5: Reddit

It is also one of the best techniques. All you have to do is create an account on Reddit and start posting on it as shown below.


Reddit will automatically start promoting your posts if it will be worth it.

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