How to do Keyword Research

How to do Keyword Research

In today’s blog, we are gonna talk about how to do keyword research using the best keyword research tools and techniques that too at free of cost. These tools will help you in finding the best keywords for Amazon Affiliate marketing and niche blogging.

These tools and techniques are well tested and give amazing results. With the help of these tools, you can even rank your website on the first page of google.

Before I tell you about these tools and techniques, you must be aware of your niche. You must be very confident about your niches like what is your topic or is it a broad or a micro-niche.

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Now when you have selected a niche, you must understand the niche well. For example, my niche is ‘best blender’ basically I will sell blenders. So the tools that you have to use is:

Best Keyword Research Tools

1. LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing)

So how LSI works is, pretty simple. You just have to do google and type in your niche in the search bar, but don’t press enter. Google will show you some related keywords as shown below.


You have to copy all the related keywords in your keyword sheet and repeat this exercise by using different keywords. By using this way, you will get all the primary keywords that are actually searched by people on google.

There is one great technique that can be used in this. When you type your keyword in search, just before that type “_” as shown below and you will get some more results that people type in the search bar.

This should be your first practice will searching for keywords. The best thing about these keywords is that these are the latest keywords searched by people.

Another technique you can use in this is, go to the last of the same page as shown below.

You will find some keywords there as well.

2. Ubersuggest

It is another free tool by Neil Patel. Here you just have to enter your keyword and a list of new related keywords will appear as shown below.

Here you will find keyword Volume, CPC, Paid difficulty, and SEO difficulty. Download the keyword list and select the keywords that are relevant and delete the rest.

Another technique you can use in this is, go to competitive analysis as shown below.

You have to paste your competitor’s URL and this tool will show on what keywords they are ranking.

3. Keyword Everywhere

It is a chrome extension and a very simple tool. You only have to add this extension and you are good to go. Search for the keyword in the Google search bar and on the right-hand side, you will see the keyword forecast and below that a list of related keywords as shown below.

Select the relevant keywords from that list and save them in your keywords excel sheet.

4. AnswerThePublic

It is one of my favorite and best tools present out there. Type in your keyword in the search bar as shown below and boom, see the magic happen.

You will find a complete list of keywords which includes questions, prepositions, comparisons and, alphabetical.

Use all of these tools and make a list of keywords. Find keywords with low SEO difficulty and use them in your blog. This will help you to rank your blogs on google.

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