How to Write a Business Proposal For Clients

How to Write a Business Proposal For Clients

If you are a freelancer or own a marketing agency and want to know how to write a business proposal for clients that converts very fast, then this blog is definitely for you. In today’s article, we will talk about how to write a business proposal in few simple steps. Before making a business proposal you should know these four things that are purpose, problem, solution, and conclusion.

How to Write a Business Proposal For Clients

Process of Writing a Business Proposal


You have to create a realistic and constructive plan for your client or business to make them grow online. Before making the plan, you should know one thing and that is purpose. You should talk to your client so that you know what is your client’s need, what problems are faced by them, basically you should know more and more about your client’s business before giving them solutions. By doing this you will get to know the purpose.


The next thing is the problem. The problem could be anything like leads or sales. Now under leads, quality or quantity can be the issues. Or in sales quantity can the issue. Or it could be branding. Your solution totally depends upon your problems. As your marketing plan will be totally based upon the problems faced by your client. You should be clear with all these things before making a proposal.


The following thing is the solution. Now whatever your industry may be, for example, mine is marketing I will come up with the solutions. The solutions could be anything like running social media ads, google ads, youtube ads, etc., or creating a flawless landing page, literally, it can be anything. You will have to write down all the solutions to the problems faced by your client.


The last thing is the conclusion. The conclusion could be anything like how you will be working, your marketing strategies, your service fees, or how you will be reporting to them, etc. basically what is your need you will have to add all of these in the proposal.

I personally work on all of these four things and then I make a marketing proposal accordingly.

For each different niche, there will be a different marketing proposal. For example, for a real estate agency, it will be different, for an e-commerce brand it will be different, and so on. One personal tip I would like to give you is that I add a lot of statistical data to the proposal.


Here is the sample marketing proposal which I have created. On the first page remember to add your title, name, date, and your client’s name as shown in the picture below.

On the second page prepare a cover letter. In the letter start with a greeting and tell how you are different from your competitors, your strategies, and more.

On the next page mention your strategies and process as shown below. Basically, how will you execute your plan.

On the following page mention your services and stats. If you have worked in the same niche then share your strategy and experience. You can even share your case studies as well.

And most importantly don’t forget to mention about your company on the last page.

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