Before diving straight into the ranking factors one should know, what exactly SEO and RANKING FACTORS  are?


Everyone who owns a business wants to attract more and more customers. But the question arises “How to get customers to find you”?Here SEO comes into operation.

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION is a free way to reach out to potential customers just by tagging certain specific words. The probability of your website appearing in search engine rankings increases, giving it a digital presence.

Ranking factors?

Ranking factors are a group of factors that various websites consider while analyzing the web pages so as to collect the rankings of search results. Since SEO is a free way to reach customers, digital competition tends to increase. In order to increase the chance of your website appearing higher, it is essential that you should be familiar with the ranking factors affecting it.


 Google Search Engine is the most widely used and reliable dominating search engine in the world. You probably Googled it. According to google algorithms when ranking web pages there are approximately 200+ official google ranking signals that are considered which it never discloses being secretive about it. So if someone claims to be the “know-all”, about all the ranking factors they are either in denial or lying.

Scratching your heads for a source that answers all of your queries related to the google ranking factor? Need not panic because yes, this guide has solved the “google-ranking -factor-puzzle”.

Exceeding 200 hours of research and compilation of the findings around 88 google ranking signals have been unraveled by our search engine journal team, declared to be definite. With the help of our guide GOOGLE RANKING FACTORS, you can now understand and have a better insight of all the google ranking factors that can lead to the zenith.

Our team has avoided the “guesstimate and speculation factor” for determining valid ranking factors. Facts were raised and Opinions were disregarded for the best results. Mere Corresponding studies might sound promising but to be honest they are nothing but amusing in the name of speculation-free ranking factors.

In order to detect each of the rankings, signals fall into which category our team for the sake of convenience developed a meter known as R.F.M – RANKING FACTOR METER.


1. CONFIRMED: Either google or someone who works in their firm has confirmed that it is an authentic factor for ranking.

2. PROBABLE: There is no official direct confirmation from google but there is some evidence that supports that they use this factor.

3. IMPROBABLE: There is no evidence to support the ranking of factors but this signal has not been completely ruled out.

4. BYGONE: This signal is not used by Google anymore because it is outdated.

5. CERTAINLY NOT: As the name suggests, it is a mere opinion with no evidence to accompany it. Some have been directly rejected by google.

It in simple means, guide you about all the relevant and definite ranking factors considered by Google.


Some of the most significant Google ranking factors are :

  • Content of high quality
  • Domain power
  • Links : internal and external
  • 301 redirects
  • 404 & soft 404 pages
  • BBB rating
  • Crawl errors and budget
  • Disavow tool
  • Google analytics
  • keyword density
  • XML Sitemaps

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