7 Important Tips for New Freelancers [Beginners Guide]

7 Important Tips for New Freelancers [Beginners Guide]

In this blog, we will talk about 7 important tips for new freelancers to get their first client and how to achieve their first 100$ project fast. Even if you are a student or just starting up freelancing then this freelancer’s guide will definitely help you.

Some Important Tips for New Freelancers are:

Tip 1: Skill

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The first thing we are gonna talk about is a skill. You need to have a skill. Without skill, you won’t be able to earn much through freelancing. As you are a freelancer and have to do all the work by yourself, you need to start developing your skills around your field. For example, let’s talk about a digital marketer, digital marketing is his field, and photo editing, video editing are some skills he needs to start learning to get more and more clients. Remember the more skills you learn, the more opportunities you get.

Tip 2: How to get your first client

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Now comes the question that how to get clients. Relax, I will answer it for you. What you have to do is look near you, which means you will have to look for businesses near you to whom you can provide your services. For example, by handling their social media account, doing On-page SEO or Off-page SEO, creating a website, and much more.

You can even try to connect to businesses know by your family, relatives, friends, etc. I will recommend you to charge very low to no fees if you are a total beginner. Initially start giving them good services as that will help you a lot. Take and complete as many projects as you can. As it will help you in building your portfolio that actually takes us to another tip.

Tip 3: Build up a Portfolio

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This tip is related to tip 2. If you take projects in your know circle or area, then this will help you up in building a portfolio. The more projects in your portfolio, the better you can charge for your skills. If you want to know how to create a portfolio you can out this.

Tip 4: Communication

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You need to have good communication skills. So each day try to improve your communication skills. The better you are at communication, the better you can explain to your clients.

Tip 5: Tutorials

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This is one of the most important points. What you have to do is create a youtube channel or Facebook and start posting tutorials. Remember it may take time but it is totally worth it. You will start getting clients if you are consistent in it.

Tip 6: Start Socializing

Start Socializing

Don’t think and spend your time only on freelancer or Fiverr. Start spending your time on Quora, Facebook groups, and check other platforms as well. The more you share your portfolio on such channels, the more chances you have to get clients.

Tip 7: Be patient

be patient

It is the most important tip among all these tips. You will have to wait. It doesn’t work like you create your account on Fiverr and you will start getting clients. No, in this way things don’t work. You will have to be patient.

These were some of the important tips for new freelancers that you have to keep in your mind while starting your freelance journey.

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