Does Page Speed affect SEO?

Does Page Speed affect SEO?

What is Page Speed?

Page Speed is the amount of time for a website to load.

There can be several factors that can affect your Page Speed, like- image size, site’s server, page file size, and more.

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How to measure Page Speed?

There are several tools available for measuring the Page Speed.

But the question here is which tool will provide you right Insights? I recommend you to use these tools-

PageSpeed Insights

GT metrix

Affect of Page Speed on SEO

Now here comes the exciting part, Yes page speed can affect your SEO

but page speed is not the most important ranking factor. There are over 200+signals for ranking,

and page speed is one of them. When you are ranking on 1st-page of SERP then page speed plays an important role.

As on the 1st-page, the algorithm will try to pick up the best result for the user search query, nowhere the role of page speed will come into play.

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How can you improve your Page Speed?

There are several ways to improve your page speed

Use compressed image

Images take a lot of time to load, so always compress your images before uploading. Here are some tools for image compression


Mass image compressor

Use less HTML tags in your header

There are many HTML tags that we have to put in our websites head section like- Google analytics code, FB pixel code, Search console code and many more like that. And the problem is, these tags are heavy they can slow down your page speed. Instead of putting them in your head section, put them in Google Tag Manager

ways to improve page speed

Upgrade your hosting

Sharing a server with thousands of websites is not good for page speed. Always go for premium hosting or choose a dedicated server.  

Browser caching

This will help in increasing page speed as caching is a procedure of storing parts of your website in the browser memory. So the next time your website will load much faster. Here are some plugins for caching

W3 total cache

WP super cache

Sucuri firewall

That’s all folks! Have more questions? Drop a comment below and thanks for reading!

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